Standing Ovation, Seated

Show one thing, and make people think of its opposite.

I enjoy photographs that manage to pull the trick of using some simple symbol. We may not notice this symbol with our “naked eye” but the camera can zoom in at it. Somehow, this camera-noticed symbol triggers complex associations and deeper meanings. And I especially love pics that show something that fires up associations opposite to what you just saw.

Like in the pic above. It shows frozen firewood billets dusted with snow. But viewers think of warm fireplaces; a glass of wine in which fire reflections dance and tremble; a friendly chat in front of a fireplace; a few people without hang-ups went as far as associating it with having sex on a carpet in front of a fireplace (I blame confectionary ads and, perhaps, the popularity of 50 shades of gray).

I admit I’ve met people who didn’t…

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