ParkView By Cynthia Jackson

ParkView By Cynthia Jackson

Water Color & Charcoal Painting/ I tried a scenery painting 🙂


8 thoughts on “ParkView By Cynthia Jackson

  1. Thanks for nudging me at “About”. I must apologize for having little time to make comments. I love trees. May I use your artwork to my future post credit to you?

    The trees and scenery, for the lack of better word on my part, is pleasing to my eyes.

      1. Cynthia: I love “contemporary” paintings. Is that the word? The children in my family could learn from you. They do still life and I hope they will keep it up on a side while studying.
        The area where I work has so many Art Studios and paintings and we will be having an ART Walk festival next week.
        Again, thank you. Perpetua

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