The love discussion

The love discussion.


2 thoughts on “The love discussion

  1. Mu Shuai exposing to the sun will send many reserve shiver for Ou Guan cling to Sa C Luo Yi will hide by snow
    A Si signs up for: Emperor horse will wear force Europe hat
    Time of Beijing of phoenix sports dispatch on March 1 message, heart of country of the 2nd Spain inside 5 days compares battle shortly, ” A Si signs up for ” the news that reported a letting that indifferent fan is disappointed however, as a result of next week in the fight of life and death that emperor horse will have field and hat of one graceful couplet Europe, muliniao will let kingly cup be in Nuokanpu the C with the infinite scene in one battle collect sit reserve banquet.
    Join in oneself after emperor horse, c collect is emperor horse is opposite all the time blast cling to in the match of Sa most the player of depend on, luo Zainuo of Zhou Zhong C the 2nd goal of Camp, still be emperor Mabensaijidi 100 formal matches score a goal. Final of cup of king of promotion of help emperor horse while, also make Muliniao right of C collect use more and more careful.
    As a result of final of Ou Guan 1/8 in the 1st bout, emperor horse advocate 1 than 1 be forced make the same score by graceful couplet, guest battle adversary already notted allow to have break, and in league matches, emperor horse is backward cling to the integral of Sa is as high as 16 minutes, gain the championship already all up, what light what is heavy, mu Shuai still has steelyard in the heart. In Ou Guanzhong, for emperor the horse comes on the stage 7 times before C Luo Mu, and be hit into 7 balls, get run a list of names posted up of Europe coronal archer, [url=]nike shox nz for men[/url] to Zhen Manlian one battle cannot be short of a complete C really collect.
    Kingly cup is beaten cling to Sa, gave Mu Shuai enough self-assurance, also let emperor horse need not be mixed for a victory cling to Sa spells an one field victory, ” A Si signs up for ” think, c Luo Hui sits above all reserve banquet, decide to whether come on stage next according to the situation on field and score.
    As to the person selected that replaces C collect, ” A Si signs up for ” think to will leave young general Molada. Not only C collect, emperor horse is other a few brunt also will be hidden by snow, the young halfback of this sports season a new force suddenly rises Walanei and team this is opposite deputy Lamosi halfback partner will not head hair, admire admire and Kawalue will take sb’s place its a hair come on stage. Keentelang’s position is replaced by Masailuo, in addition Dimaliya’s position, ka Liehong and card card have the opportunity that replaces him to hit a hair.
    (moxa horse)

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