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Some of us would like to meditate but are not sure how to begin.

Below is a simple way to get started.  


Get comfortable.

Close your eyes.

Take some easy relaxing breaths.

Allow your body to relax.

Let your neck, shoulders, and back relax.

Let go.

If there is somewhere in your body where you tend to hold tension,

 imagine breathing in relaxation to that area and breathing out any tension.   

Breathe in thinking “I am”

and breathe out thinking “at peace.”

Continue thinking that simple phrase along with your breathing for the next few minutes.

Repeat breathing in “I am” and breathing out “at peace.” 

If you find your mind wandering,

gently bring it back to this simple phrase and your breathing.

When you are ready to finish,

bring your awareness back to the place you are seated.

Take a deep breath, and stretch.


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