Butterfly Effect

All these years, Madame Butterfly has eluded me, flying perhaps under the similar looking guise of a Colour Sergeant male (cos that’s what she looks like from afar).

I went with my partner to look for this particularly elusive butterfly and although she flew by me a few times, I kept thinking she was one of the Sailor butterflies until my partner looked closer and realised she was a Courtesan!mount faber1

Well actually he did much more than that.  He scaled several 60 degree slopes around the site.  No points for guessing which site (hint: Singapore Cable Cars).mount faber 2

And then he slid down an almost 90 degree slope because the Courtesan kept perching out of reach.  He scored himself a tourist photo with one of the tourists at the bottom of the slope looking up in amusement.  Yes this location sees a ton of tourists and yet nobody seems to have…

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