Ajoutez votre grain de sel personnel… (facultatif)


Yves  Pires    Sculptor    France

(updatedlink from 2013-01)


I spend my time creating body, looking for that little touch that beneath my fingers, supports the earth.
When the emotion I felt, entered my sculpture and I was able to share with you, my goal is reached …

Yves PIRES, being an artist very polyvalent in different fields of expressions, I made the choice to present the human sculptor. He also talked about painting, engraving, copying, illustration, marionettes, 3D, and a lot of decorations. I invite you to discover other talents on his art site.


je consacre mon temps à créer des corps, à la recherche de cette petite touche qui, sous mes doigts, fait vivre la terre.
Lorsque l’émotion que j’ai ressentie, a pénétré ma sculpture et que j’ai réussi à vous la faire partager, mon but est atteint…

Yves PIRES ,étant un artiste trés polyvalent dans…

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