Keira Lennox


Recently I came across a list of new year’s resolutions I made in middle school; the first of which was something along the lines of, “this year I’m going to try to gossip less about my friends.” Yikes. {Dear current friends, I swear I’ve grown up a lot since 12. I love you all.}

I can’t remember many resolutions since. While I love the feeling of a fresh start come January 1st,  I’m usually not among the first-in-line-for-the-treadmill-at-the-gym crowd. Because as we all know by February 1st (or sooner) two-thirds of that crowd will be back on the couch with a Big Grab of Lays, so I save the space for the people who actually work out all year. And I can’t stick to a restrictive diet to save my life because I come from a long line of southern people…

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